The Holiday Parks (Long-term Casual Occupation Act) 2002 requires that all agreements be in writing and that certain items be included in occupancy agreements. The written agreement is only legally binding if you and the resident have signed. And then the operator cancelled a third termination on the grounds that Ron was late in his site fees. This new notice of termination is based on the site fee in the new site agreement, not the site fee ron had to pay under his previous oral site agreement. With the default agreement, you can create your own custom occupancy contract. Within seven days, the operator established a written location agreement and introduced Ron. However, the localization fee set out in the agreement was US$120 per week, and as part of his oral settlement agreement, Ron had paid less. Localization fees can only be increased in accordance with the LLRC law and there is no provision to increase the localization fee in the event of a transfer from an oral location agreement to a written location agreement. After seeking advice, Ron changed the location fee for the settlement agreement, signed it and handed it over to the operator.

For many in Canberra, living in a shelter, motel or caravan park is a last resort after violence or abuse and certainty of their mandate and rights as residents is indispensable. Many of those who need this type of shelter are women who do not have the resources or support they need in times of crisis. In mid-2019, operator Ron issued a notice of termination claiming that he was living on a short-term site and was violating his occupancy agreement. The operator claimed that Ron`s agreement was an agreement under the Holiday Parks Long-term Casual Occupation Act of 2002 and that he was not allowed to occupy his site for more than 180 days a year. The operator claimed that Ron had too much time. Occupancy agreements are currently in place in all our services and include our communal homes for elderly women and emergency shelters for women escaping domestic and family violence. If you have already rented privately on the Canberra apartment market, it is possible that you have signed a residential rental agreement. These agreements are a document that defines the rights and obligations of the owners, agents and tenants who are parties to the contract, the scope and application of which are governed by the Housing Rental Act.