Rent collection is an issue, especially for student tenants who may not be used to the responsibility of regular payments and organizing bills. However, the stigma of students` inconsistability towards money is outdated and does not reflect the current generation. CPS Homes of Cardiff said: “Students provide reliable tenants every year, almost guaranteed, due to the university cycle. They know that if current tenants plan to leave at the end of their lease, a new group is just around the corner and waiting to move in early next academic year. “And contrary to the belief of many, they are usually very fast tenants because they get a student loan that they get in the short term.” Confirmation of this student loan is much stronger than proof of work, as the likelihood of people quitting or losing their jobs is much more likely to quit or lose than to drop out of college. “If they ever run into difficulties with their rents, a parent or legal guardian has generally agreed to act as financial guarantor at the beginning of the lease. This means that a landlord can go to that person and ask for full payment of the balance due.┬áIf you own a common property, it is not up to you to organize the payment of rental and electricity bills. This is the responsibility of the residents, as the money must ultimately be paid to you, while all disputes between tenants should be settled.