Today when I was flipping through “How” magazine searching for some inspiration for where to start on my next and final project (for this semester anyway!), I came across this really interesting article! The article is titled “Daily Deadlines” and it’s is published in the June issue. Anyway, it was talking about how to keep going even when those creative juices just aren’t flowing…. or maybe you’re feeling a little burnt out! It featured five differently fabulous artists who have given themselves some type of daily deadline. They have committed to making one piece of work everyday. For example, Kate Bingaman-Burt (check out her work) has committed to drawing something she bought everyday. It’s really charming, actually.  


 Hearing little things other people do to keep on their toes is always inspiring to me! I’m going to come up with some kind of daily deadline for myself, I’m just not sure yet what i will be! I’ll let you know! Is there anyone else out there who practices this?