Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement began in July last year. MPs claim that for a simple cost of living increase in pay. After months of negotiating and secure labour disputes, Healthscope Pathology members voted in favour of a new enterprise agreement. A number of steps have been taken, including an online campaign asking patients to sign petitions, delay non-critical results and respond to phones with a campaign message. Regional Imaging Tasmania Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2016 Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Donor Services and Nursing Enterprise Agreement Victoria and Tasmania 2019 Calvary Health Care Tasmania (Lenah Valley – St John Campuses) Nursing Enterprise Agreement 2016 Hobart Day Surgery Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2017 Healthscope Limited Hobart Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020 “Healthscope is a billionaire company and one of the largest suppliers of pathology in Australia and what we are asking for at the show. “I`m not Members earned fair pay increases and delegate rights without loss of employment conditions. “It was only when we left work and protested outside our Wayville lab that management realized that we would not stop the campaign until they treated us with respect and paid fair pay increases.” Anglicare Tasmania Anglicare Tasmania Inc. Collective Agreement 2014 . May Shaw Health Centre Non Nursing Staff Agreement – Scottsdale 2019 Nursing Staff Agreement 2014 Non Nursing Staff Agreement – Swansea 2019 . Healthe Care Australia (North West Private Hospital) Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2019 This victory shows what can be achieved if workers are united in their union, acting collectively and fighting for a better result. Calvary Home Care Nursing Staff Enterprise Agreement 2019 Medibank, Travel Doctor, Work Solutions Australia Enterprise Agreement 2012 “We are scientists, technical officers, pathology collectors, couriers and administrators, many of us work part-time and have low salaries. We are proud of the work we do and the contribution we make to the health care system, but Healthscope had left us no choice but to fight. Healthscope scientist Anthony Newman says the demand for a modest pay rise has been rejected by management, which instead proposed a deal that would reduce members` real salaries.

Launceston Church Grammar School Enterprise Agreement 2020-2021 Australian Health Practitioner Agency Regulation Enterprise Agreement 2019-2022 Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation Enterprise Agreement 2020 . Diagnostic Services – Consultants Pathology Services Enterprise Agreement 2018 Hobart Clinic (The Hobart Clinic Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2019.