We celebrated Father’s Day today at the orphanage. At first it struck me as odd because the orphans were celebrating it too even though most of them do not even know their fathers. They all have different stories, but in most cases, their fathers either died or they abandoned them. It made me appreciate my father even more, but I couldn’t understand why a day all about fathers didn’t make the orphans sad. The more I thought about and felt sorry for the orphans, I realized- they know their Heavenly Father. If they had not been orphans, they would not have grown up here, and may not have ever been taught about Jesus. So they may be lacking an earthly father, but they have gained so much more. Psalm 68:5 says that God is the Father to the fatherless. How comforting to know that even when the people we are supposed to be able to trust fail us, God is always faithful.