Finally, during our quick verification of customer complaints, a merchant sometimes does not realize that he must return the rented equipment after the termination of the hardware agreement or that the rental contract will always be charged to him. Some merchants don`t understand it; others try to return the material, but the device is lost somewhere on the way into the postal system. All of this can result in additional costs that it seems to be associated with First Data customer service. Please note that First Data also charges you a cancellation fee if you terminate your contract. Cancellation fees are separate from the ETF and, as a rule, this is a package. Be prepared to pay these fees. But if you couldn`t get much with First Data by signing directly with it, what hope do you have for many if you go through an intermediary? While we don`t know how the business relationship between First Data and its front-end processors actually works, from what we`ve observed (and the types of offers that are advertised on some of these processors), some end front processors may actually have a better deal with First Data than any reseller working directly with First Data could ever get. For the first data agreements we studied, the initial term may be something that your seller fills in your application (so you have to switch to your application form to verify it), or sometimes it is indicated as part of the definition of the original term. The typical number we have seen is three to four years. If you terminate your First Data agreement by finding the end date of your initial period or extension and following the procedure described above, you should not have to pay ETF. Of course, if you have nothing against paying an ETF, then you can terminate at any time using First Data with a written message, according to the procedure in step 6 above. As mentioned above, the most painless way to terminate the First Data agreement is to wait until the end of the contract, so we focus on the disputes below. If you have to terminate your contract with First Data because you have to go bankrupt (for example.

B due to the economic crisis of COVID-19), please note that termination due to bankruptcy will put you on the MATCH list and you will have difficulty creating a new card processing account in the near future. Be sure to discuss this topic with your bankruptcy attorney and see if he can think of a way to avoid the match list. Maybe it`s because you think you`re paying too much processing fees (you probably are). Maybe it`s because you`re tired of your poor customer service and tired of managing your corporate bureaucracy (we hear horror stories). Or maybe it`s something completely different.