Since I’ve gotten here a little over a week ago, I have been crammed with knowledge… in a good way! I’ve learned so much and my first thought is, “I can’t wait to go home and share what I’ve learned with my family, friends, and the youth group at church!” One of the many studies we have been doing is called the World Christian Bible Study. What is a world Christian? “A world Christian isn’t better than other Christians, but by God’s grace he has made a discovery so important that life can never be the same again. He has discovered the truth about God’s plan for the world and what still needs to be done. He has heard the call of Christ to do something about it.”

“World Christians are day-to-day disciples for whom Christ’s global cause has become the integrating, overriding, priority for all that life is for them. Like disciples should, they actively investigate all that their Master’s Great Commission means. Then they act on what they learn.“

“World Christians are those who have left their hiding places to seek those who are lost without the Savior. They are sojourners, camping where the Kingdom is best served.”

Catch! Keep! Obey! This is my challenge to you.