The literature indicates that the use of formal and relational governance structures plays a key role in conducional and maintaining relations between organizations. This study analyzes the composition and function of these structures in the presence of different transactional characteristics. It is proposed, asa, a model based on the Theora of relational contracts and the Teora of transaction cost savings. An exploratory qualitative study is carried out by content analysis. Six structured interviews were conducted for case comparison and a history of Te`rica proposals. It has been observed that certain transactional characteristics, when presented more intensely in the context of the transaction, tend to corroborate the teric proposals for content and formal contractual function, demonstrating that the intensity of the presence of transactional characteristics is configured as a relevant factor for the analysis of the adequacy of governance structures. In addition, the use of different relational norms has variations within each character analyzed. To compose the analysis model, it is suggested that other aspects examined in the content analysis be examined. To the aponta literature that uses the structures of governanéa formais and related the fundamental role na conduéo e maintainutenéo das relaées interorganizacionais. In the meantime, he checks the possibility of discussing on composiéo e funéo dessas estruturas na presenéa of different transacionese characteristics. Propé-se, assim, um model fundamentated nas literatures of contracts formais, relaées interorganizacionais, nas Teorias dos Contratos Relacionais e Economia dos Custos da Transaéo. Sendo uma pesquisa qualitativa-explorateria, foram directed and performed by meio da Anélise de Contedo six structured interviews to compare two cases and discuss teerricas proposals.

Observou-se that certain characteristics transacionais quando present com maior intensidade no contexto da transaéo tendem to corroborate as proposed te`ricas de conteédo e funéo contratual formal, demonize that an intensidade da presenéa de caracresticas transacionais apresenta-se as a relevant fator to adequaeo anélise de estruturas de governana.