Almost ten years ago, a lady we now know as Mama Cindy, began having dreams she couldn’t get off her mind. In the dream she saw the faces of ragged and helpless children. Over and over she would dream about these homeless, uncared for children and began to pray about what she should do.

At the time, Cindy and her husband, Tony, owned a very successful cosmetics company. Shortly after praying about what God wanted them to do with their lives, they decided to give up their business and dedicate their lives to helping street children.

They began going out and helping these children by doing simple things such as feeding and clothing them. It wasn’t long before she started taking children into her own home. Before she knew it, she had so many she could barely house them all! She and her husband were beginning to run out of money, so they began to pray that God would provide them with the means to house all the children. In no time at all, a local gas company donated a large amount for their efforts! They were now able to build a house for all the children and supply their needs.

This isn’t the only instance in which God has provided for Love the Children Foundation. On July 1st, 2008 Mama Cindy found out that there weren’t enough funds to pay the bills this month. She immediately started praying and by July 3rd an anonymous donor gave the exact amount they needed!

Let this be a reminder that our God is able to do things that we sometimes feel are impossible. We serve the same God who parted the Red Sea. We serve the same God that saved Daniel from the lions. We serve the same God who created the earth and everything in it! Surely He is big enough to provide our needs!