Since he was only a few days old, PJ has lived here at Palm Haven. He is now six years old and has cerebral palsy. He is unable to speak, but is very smart.

Kaycee was assigned to PJ, and since she has been working with him he has learned to recognize letters “A”-“D”. “He has the most precious laugh you’ve ever heard”, Kaycee said.

Everyday he goes to therapy, which she attends with him.”Ate Mercy, the housemother, is wonderful with working with him,” Kaycee stated. He is learning to become more independent. PJ is beginning to feed himself.

The ultimate goal for PJ is learning how to read and type. He loves to play with the leapfrog lead pad toys. It is the hope that one day he will learn to speak; with time and therapy, this is a realistic goal.

Pray that God would continue to use Kaycee as an encouragement to PJ and to the staff. Pray that PJ would be receptive. Praise God for all the progress he has already made!