I’m headed out for another adventure tomorrow morning! Jessica and I will leave around 6am to catch a bus. After three hours of riding the bus, we’ll catch a ferry and be there in no time! Thank you all for all your prayers for open ears and soft hearts! Let me tell you… God is working! In the past two days I’ve had pretty in depth conversations with three different people about Christ. I got to share what Christ has done in my life and what the Bible teaches about salvation. One man told me he believes in a second life and that if he died his friends and family would just pray him into heaven. I was able to share with him Revelation 20:15 ” If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” I explained to him that after death there would be no second chances. He looked at me puzzled as if he had never heard this truth before. He kept saying, “I don’t understand why you would sacrifice being with your family and friends to come here. You are so excited about the Bible.” I replied by telling him, it wasn’t just that I was excited about the Bible, but about how great my God is and His unfailing love! I explained to him what Christ did for us on the cross and he listened intently. He asked for my email so he could ask me further questions. Hopefully I will be hearing from him soon. Ironically enough, his name is Rice! Please pray for him. Pray that he will continue to think about the truth that he heard tonight and that he would believe.