You wouldn`t buy a car without comparing a few options beforehand. Solar is not supposed to be the same? If my home solar system is currently on NEM 1.0, am I being forced to go to NEM 2.0? No, depending on your original SCE liaison contract, you will work as a grandfather for 20 years from the date PTO (operating license). This is the date on which you were first allowed to light your solar panels. Will my solar savings be better or worse under NEM 2.0? The good news is that Solar will save you a ton of money in the new program. Especially if you look at solar prices and financial programs is better than ever. Due to high electricity prices in California, summer use and annual sunshine, solar energy is more useful here than almost anywhere in the United States. If you missed NEM 1.0 and have a high electricity bill, a solar installation will always offer a great return on your investment and save you money from day one on your electricity bill. The current NEM 2.0 expires in 2019 (perhaps even earlier if the new cap of the solar installation is filled) and we can be sure that NEM 3.0 probably won`t be as generous as NEM 2.0, so you prefer for 20 years under 2.0 net measurement, as long as it`s still available. At SolarShoppers by Revolt Electric, we can help you save immediately with a solar system connected to the current Net Metering 2.0 plan.

SolarShoppers is AV`s rated solar #1 company. Contact our experts today so we can show you how Net Metering 2.0 works for homeowners who are considering going to solar power. The application process for MSB2 was less simple. We were expecting some of it based on our review of the SCE manual published on the NEM. For example, we expected additional costs related to telemetry requirements, so we proactively inquired with mandated engineers about the design criteria. Following the additional engineering review, we were informed that all projects over 1 MW require the installation of a remote switch capable of separating the generator from the grid. As NEM 1.0 did not allow projects over 1 MW, the requirement for this change was not included in the manual, so we were unable to determine the requirement at the beginning of the project. The SCE Interconnections group only works on projects over 1 MW, so they have not been trained to mention this distinction. The combination of these two factors has resulted in the fact that, despite our preliminary questions about the potential for connection upgrades, the requirement for the switch is still surprising. Calendar: As MSB2 had more than 1 MW of solar, it was automatically turned into an additional engineering review, which triggered the requirement for a 3-way gas switch. As shown in the example in Figure 4, this requirement has expanded the timeline of the Best Case project by 61 weeks.

Net Metering 1.0 was easy. For every extra kilowatt hour produced by your solar modules, you received a kWh credit on your electricity bill. It was a direct exchange 1 for 1. The good news is that Net Metering 2.0 Solar is profitable by preserving retail loans. The main difference is that, under the old plan, you received one kWh for every extra you re-introduced into the network, whereas under the new plan, you will be credited with the retail course at the time of the loan term (to find out later).