Another Tetra cannabinoid drug, currently undergoing Phase 1 clinical trials in the United States and soon to be the subject of a Phase 2 study called PLENITUDE ©, is qiXleef™, an inhaled cannabinoid drug that is being tested to treat uncontrolled pain in patients with advanced cancer. Unlike CAUMZ, which relies on a synthetic cannabinoid, QIXLEEF is a botanical product using dried flower buds. While this may give the impression that plant raw materials are easy to work with, the notion of biological variability is a serious concern. That`s why the company wept very well in validating the FDA`s scientific approach to Tetra`s global penetration of QIXLEEF. “One of the biggest mistakes I`ve seen with biotechs is that they don`t prepare for the business world,” Chamberland said, noting that Tetra will be ready; As senior management, he has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry with expertise in distribution, marketing, market access and business compliance. Panag Pharma Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on developing new cannabinoid-based formulations to treat pain and inflammation. Panag believes that pain relief should be safe, non-addictive and above all; effective. The Panag Pharma team of PhD students and physicians is one of the world`s leading researchers and clinicians for pain treatment and management. They bring a combined experience of more than 100 years in research and clinical care to people suffering from chronic pain and inflammatory diseases.

The current panags pipeline of pain relief products includes formulations for topical application on the skin, eyes and other mucous membranes. Recently approved by Health Canada and currently in clinical studies, panag Pharma Topische AOTC offers a new approach for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. She adds: “THE founder of MAKScientific, Professor Alexandros Makriyannis, is a pioneer in the development of drugs in the space of cannabinoids, and his groundbreaking work has been crucial in understanding how drugs interact with and modulate the endocannabinoid system.” “We are pleased to be able to introduce this new cancer therapy in Phase 2 clinical trials at no additional drug development costs,” said Dr. Chamberland. “CAUMZ Kit technology already exists, so we will maximize our investments in the development of inhaled cannabinoids to bring another drug to market.” Do you want the latest news and updates from Health Europe? Click here to subscribe to all current updates and stay in touch with us here. A recent meeting with the FDA with the Consulting and TypB Council added important information on the QIXLEEF drug development program and the PLENITUDE clinical trial, which will assess the effects of drugs on patients with advanced cancer suffering from uncontrolled pain. Based on a conclusive result, Tetra would be able to market the world`s first cannabinoid botanical drug for dried flowers for the treatment of uncontrolled pain in patients with advanced cancer.