“The Open University is proud of its long-standing relationship with UNISON and offers work-based learning that enables and enhances the skills of hundreds of people each year. UNISON recognizes that this is an opportunity to attract a new group of activists and we are training them in their role as LROs. This is not some kind of pseudo-career counsellor, but someone who can talk about education and training with colleagues, who knows and can promote UNISON courses, who knows where to guide people who need information about continuing education or how to access funding to learn. Teresa Donegan, head of the Learning and Organisational Services Department at UNISON, said: “The Open University has renewed its apprenticeship agreement with UNISON to use workers from across the UK civil service. Unison has developed software training by understanding that individuals perceive and understand information in different ways and at different rates. Our sessions offer practical tools, methods and experiences that allow users to save time and reduce costs. This drive flattens the learning curve and brings users to start. The extension of this agreement ensures that workers who have left school without many qualifications do not lose their education and training efforts. By continuing to develop new learning opportunities, it gives lower-paid employees in our public services the opportunity to refresh their skills and apply for higher, better-paying jobs.

They can also go to target groups of members, for example. B Go back to learners and offer them the opportunity to train in ULRs after completing R2L and see how enjoyable and fulfilling learning can be. Unison will demonstrate today (Tuesday) its ongoing commitment to adult education and training by reaffirming two separate partnership agreements with the Open University and WEA. “Over the years, we have worked together to provide first-rate learning skills, share best practices and advocate for adult learners. Personalized training courses are designed to meet the Agency`s specific learning needs and provide the Agency with the greatest possible flexibility in organizing an effective course. When you develop a personalized course for your agency, each feature available in the Acquisition and Financial Assistance modules is a potential area that can be added to your personalized course, including training new features with a system level. Uses Standard Unison training records. Custom documentation is cited separately if necessary. UNISON and WEA have been working together for many years and signed an agreement in 1996 to celebrate this relationship. This cooperation has enabled people, many of whom live in low-paid part-time jobs, who may have failed because of the education system, to access more skilled jobs through training. The agreements with the two apprenticeship organisations are expected to be signed on Thursday at the union`s headquarters in London.