Any student living in a dormitory must sign a dormitory agreement for the entire academic year or summer programs, or part of a semester remaining when the student moves into the dormitory. Students who must meet the residency requirement but do not sign a dormitory agreement must pay a room and meal fee approved by the WCU Board of Directors for the remainder of the time required to meet the dormitory requirement. Students who do not comply with the Dormitory Agreement will be charged an early cancellation fee under this Agreement. In certain circumstances, WCU may remove property and/or furniture from residential units so that these units can be used for other emergency purposes. WCU is not responsible for loss of or damage to the resident`s personal belongings that need to be moved and stored in such cases. The staff at Residence Life and Housing Services is committed to making your campus life experience enjoyable and personal development. If you need help, please call 610-436-3307 or email the university residences that are an integral part of campus life and offer a variety of experiences that enhance a student`s intellectual, personal and social development. The Department of Residential Living supports a core philosophy of student residence that imagines students living in private flatshares in the early stages of their university experience at WCU and living in private flatshares before graduating from WCU. In addition, in the event of a health or safety emergency, some companies or employees who have been commissioned by the ACU to provide certain services for campus residential facilities may not be available or severely restricted.

Notwithstanding otherwise in this Agreement, CSM may adapt, temporarily close and/or restrict the use of residential facilities, if required by WCU in its sole discretion to ensure the health and safety of residents and the campus community. Summer Programs: Special programs, including but not limited to the Academic Success Program, other bridy programs for first-year students, mini-mesters, and summer student housing may include on-campus housing requirements or options. These programs do not apply to meeting the residency requirement described in this policy.