Written by Josh, Agusan

Of the many things that God has been doing in our lives since we arrived, the most noteworthy is the changing of our perception of him. To many of us, God is our Father, and Comforter but not always Provider. We are so blessed in America to have our needs met over and above. Here in the Philippines, we are having to rely on him for the simplest of things, such as food and shelter.
On our first weekend mission, Jonathan and I went to speak and encourage the believers in a house church. On the first night there, we visited only one family, but we knew God would bless that house. We asked for prayer requests and the mother of the house immediately mentioned her daughter-in-law who had been suffering panic attacks. As soon as we heard, we jumped up and walked in to her room without any hesitation. There we found her already trembling. After gathering around her, we prayed for God to heal her both physically and spiritually from her afflictions. During that prayer, we both felt the Holy Spirit move through us and into the room. There was no radical change when we left her, but we knew God had been there.
Later the next day at church, we saw the woman and she was a bit shaken. Through an interpreter, we learned that since the moment we prayed with her she hadn’t had any panic attacks. She also went on to tell us that she felt the Holy Spirit move as we entered the room. We both knew in that moment that God had worked in her life. It was nothing we had done, but through God’s infinite power alone.