Okay, so I’m not officially engaged yet, but I’m getting close! I’ve been bouncing around all kinds of ideas and I need your help! Kennie and I just found THE PLACE. The place we’ll be having the wedding I mean. And let me say…. it is GORGEOUS! So, now that I can visualize it… let the planning begin!

A few things we know for sure:

  • It’s going to be an outside wedding
  • Happening in MAY
  • Ceremony will take place in the evening
  • The more unique the better!
  • My brides maids will all wear different dresses of which THEY will choose themselves (as long as it goes with my color palette) Which is what you see directly under the chosen images. “Potential bridesmaids dress colors” simply mean these are the colors the have to choose from.

And the rest is still up in the air… which is why I need your help!

So I’m dabbling with the idea of having a circus/carnival themed wedding. Not over done, but I think it could just be so charming. I want it to be one big party! Nothing formal or stressful or perfect… just a big celebration!

Here a few circus/carnival weddings I’ve found:


grey likes weddings

green wedding shoes

Otherwise just something lovely, quirky, stylish, and unique… all in one. haha

Here a few visuals when it comes to color palettes:

wedding colors1

wedding colors2wedding colors3

Which one of these is your favorite?