Walking through town one night, the Dinagat team was stopped by a man who urgently asked them to come help a man in the area named Jerry who had been sick for about 6 months. He was under the impression that one of the team members might have been a doctor. They informed him that they were not doctors, but would be glad to come and pray for Jerry.

Jerry, a father and a husband, had been weak for quite some time. He was so weak, he had trouble even standing. Lying in bed all day had become quite the routine for him.

The team came to Jerry’s bedside and prayed that God would heal him. After they left his house, they continued to pray and fast. When they went back to check on Jerry he was so grateful because in just that short period of time he had regained much of his strength. After 6 months of not even being able to stand, Jerry was able to leave the house and walk to the boat port near by, a place he used to go and relax.

It became very clear to the team that the same God who healed people in the Bible is still at work today. The team was able to share the story of Christ with Jerry through this work that God did in his life. We must not forget how powerful our God is! Praise God for being the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.