Dear Reader,

I’m going to start a new chapter in this blog of mine. I have created a theme for each day of the week where I will discuss things that have inspired me. My hope is that they inspire you as well! The themes are as follows:


You never know what I may write about on this day. Keep up, it just might be something interesting! đŸ™‚


On this day I will be passing along something I’ve learned in school, from others, or maybe even from you, my fellow bloggers! Keep in mind, these tutorials will always have to do with some type of design.


Wedding design is a small fetish of mine. I will be sharing ideas, themes, color schemes, links, and so much more.


The entries on this day will pretty much be scattered and random. Don’t be afraid-this is not a diary! It will be a simple food for thought… I’d love to hear yours as well.


Each friday I will be spotlighting someone who has inspired me or someone who has an interesting story.


Music has always somewhat of an outlet for me. On this day I will be sharing a song, an , artist, or maybe just a snipit of the lyrics.


Each Sunday I will post  something to do with fashion… a great find, an interesting design… anything goes!