The day has finally come…

Memphis- Dallas (1hour, 40 mins)

Dallas- LA (3 hours)

LA- Hong Kong (14 hours)

Hong Kong- Manila (2 hours)

Manila- Davao (2 hours)

Plus over 10 hours in layovers, which finally brings me here to Davao city, Philippines! We have been here about four hours now and it has been raining non-stop. We went to dinner tonight at a place called Pards. They served us rice and chicken on a stick and it was amazing! I think the thing that makes it so great is a fruit called kalamansi. You mix your soy sauce with a little vinegar and kalamansi and it is delicious! It will not take me long to adapt to the food they eat here, because well, I love it! My bags are nearly breaking my back! (Note to self- next time, pack lighter.) The city reminds me of Quito. The buildings are very colorful, but dirty and busy. I can’t wait to see what God will do!