Meet Sean. He is the most loving three year old boy you could ever meet! He loves to give hugs and kisses. When he was younger he was diagnosed with severe hearing loss and speech delays. The older he has gotten they have realized his hearing loss isn’t quite as bad as they first thought.

Sara was assigned to Sean and has been working with him one on one since they arrived in early June. “I know he can hear more than they think he can. Whenever I’m behind him and I whisper his name he turns around and gives me his attention”, Sara explained. He’s learning to makes sounds and make syllables. The words he knows are “mud”, “airplane”, and “Ate” (Sister in Cebuano).

Since Sara arrived Sean is much more verbal. He’s not saying words most of the time, but he is trying. He is also learning to watch Sara’s lips and imitate the position her mouth is in to make certain sounds.

Sean has made so much progress in this past month. In general, he seems much happier. He laughs out loud constantly; it’s precious. Sara has even taught him how to say “I love you”. Please pray that he would continue to make progress and that he wouldn’t get discouraged. Pray also for Sara that she would know the best way to help him. Pray that he would see the love of Christ through her!